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Sustainability at Serversource

Being part of the renewable I.T. supply chain, sustainability is an increasingly vital part of our business. Our ethos is to extend the life of I.T. equipment so less appears in landfill as e-waste and more is available to the wider market at an affordable price.

With that ethos in mind, we have looked at our fleet cars and are making plans to have an electric powered fleet but 2025. Electric charging points are to be installed and we have already made steps in replacing some vehicles on the fleet to 100% electric. We see this as a great start to our climate action plan, with more changes to follow.

In 2019 the United Nations announced a ‘Decade of Action’ to achieve their Sustainable Development Goals. As a company who back this campaign, starting with Climate Action we are committed at looking at these points to see where we can improve as a business.