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On Edge #2 - Enterprise-Level, Multi-Vector Cooling & Extreme Processing

Enterprise-Level, Multi-Vector Cooling & Extreme Processing

Exploring Dell EMC PowerEdge, PowerVault, and PowerConnect systems and their key features.

Transform your business through scale by prioritising each project with the right hardware. The correct configuration will result in the best outcome.

Entry to Enterprise - Dell EMC PowerEdge R440

Updates in all areas for a revamped solution

Welcome to Enterprise. Scale, and scale big. The 2nd generation of Intel Xeon offers processor-socket compatibility across the entire line-up of the 14th-generation of Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, and with the R440, the option to support two 24-core CPUs at 2.1Ghz. Compared to the R430, and the previous generation, 16 DIMMs allow for a maximum of 1TB RAM. Storage is quicker, too. NVMe utilises the available PCIe lanes for a huge boost in I/O, interfacing the storage device and CPU directly. The latency and power requirements are much lower than that of SATA, as well. Maximising performance while keeping data and the OS separate is enabled with the Boot Optimised Storage Subsystem (BOSS) Module.

Upgrade to 14th-Gen from only £3,995

The Workhorse - Dell EMC PowerEdge R750

The go-to option for universal application

15th Generation power is 24 NVMe drives transferring data at over 5GB/s, processed by two 3rd-Gen Intel Xeon CPUs, each with 40 Cores, backed by 8TB RAM. These are merely some of the upper bounds of the R750, demonstrating the capability and expansion possible. The majority of applications are render with ease at this price point and model. While component specifications are the primary point of contention in choosing and configuring a system, the R750 employs a much more symmetrical layout over the previous generation, which when combined with Dell Multi-Vector Cooling, optimises airflow within the chassis. A software feedback loop allows for custom cooling profiles, and built-in automation ensures key components remain temperature-safe.

Harness the speed of PCIe 4.0 from only £5,995

Extreme Processing - Dell EMC PowerEdge R930

The old reliable for demanding workloads

If you require a high core count, and are planning to process large sets of data in parallel, but for a fraction of current-gen cost, then the R930 is the choice of server - scale to 96 cores and 12TB RAM. With 8 x PCIe 3.0 Slots, a whole host of configurations are possible, whether converging networks, directly-attaching storage, or utilising other expansion cards. Despite the unit conforming to a 3U form factor, the TCO is reduced due to the density of components and configuration, meaning that the number of licences required are less, too. Overall, the R930 is a flagship unit still perfect for database applications such as SAP HANA, in-memory processing, and general-purpose compute density.

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